Road Craft
Jun 16, 2020

System Of Motorcycle Control

A system used by all advanced riders. Follow this system and you should be travelling at the right speed, in the right gear, in the right position to minimise the risk from the hazard ahead. (A hazard is anything that may cause you to change direction or alter your speed)

• Course of Action (A hazard such as a corner up ahead, a turn into a street, a car coming towards us, a child about to cross the road) Our observation (sight, hearing, feeling maybe even smell) identifies our course of action.
• Mirrors/Signals – it is important to know what is happening behind us as our action/s will be influenced. Using our signals (lighting up our brake light, indicating) allows us to:

  1. TAKE
  2. USE and
  3. GIVE – information. (The car behind may need those brake lights to shine to know you are actually slowing.)
  • Brakes/Gears – do we need to use our brakes to slow? Are we in a flexible gear. At the same time we are setting our speed, we will also POSITION our bike on the road to best negotiate the hazard.
  • Last look (i.e. head check) where appropriate but definitely when moving off, turning into a street or driveway and when changing lanes.
  • The final part is the action. Taking the bend, making the turn, having the car go past you the other way etc.

Whilst all of the above looks complicated if you commit it to muscle memory it will be an automatic response to everything you encounter on the road.

Remember – Safe riding doesn’t happen by accident!

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